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Need A Breath Of Fresh Air?

Your place of business doesn’t have to be uninviting and uninspiring. We can help you create a professional and welcoming space for your employees, tenants and customers with live plants: designed, delivered, cared for, and guaranteed for LIFE!

Why Creative Plant Design


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Meet with our team of expert designers to choose the right options to fit your space, needs and budget.

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Get a unique design and care program tailored for your space. We include delivery, installation, and maintenance.

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Our service technicians order replacement plants and communicate plant concerns to our Customer Service team in real time.

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Our Services


At CPD we know you want your space to be inviting, healthy and inspiring. The answer? Fresh, colorful, living plants! But hey—we hear you. Live plants are tricky. And they take time and energy to maintain. We get that not everyone has a green thumb. Live Plants can be a real pain to take care of. You either water them too much, or not enough. And they’re difficult to select and even more difficult to keep alive. That’s where CPD comes in. With our all-inclusive plant program we design, install, and maintain your plants. And better yet—we guarantee them for LIFE while under our care. Talk about an easy decision!

In addition to live plants, we also offer:

Replica Plants

If the monthly service fee for live plants is not in the budget, or if you have very dark spaces, or if the look calls for succulents or cactus with poor lighting, replica plants might be the way to go.

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Moss Walls

Moss Walls can cover a small or large area in moss and natural materials. Each one of our moss walls are custom designed and carefully constructed by our very talented team.

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Living Walls

Living Walls

If you are looking for that big impact of green space, we can install the vertical plant garden of your dreams! Nothing says “green” like a living wall.

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Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor

If you’re feeling festive in November and December we can bring that extra warmth and “WOW” to your office or lobby. Our designs are always tailored to the wishes of each customer.

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Patio Landscaping

Patio Landscaping

Patio-scaping transforms an outdoor patio or garden area into a visually stunning and engaging space. By strategically placing planters, you can add nature to your outdoor environment.

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Our Process

For 34 years, our experienced staff have been committed to providing best-in-class customer service and quality through high standards of excellence in product, service, maintenance, and customer relations. Let’s get started.

  • Data Gathering
  • Design and Quote
  • Installation
  • Maintain
  • Plant Guarantee
  • Customer Service

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