Living Walls

Dream Vertical Plant Garden

A living wall can add that WOW factor to a lobby or communal space. Large or small, it brings nature indoors and presents a belief in the benefits of nature and plants. CPD has installed and cared for hundreds of living walls. We can select the best wall system for the space and budget, install with an esthetically pleasing plant palette and then care for it so that it is worry free for you.


Creative Plant Design custom designs and maintains Living Green Walls using a variety of plant systems. Some systems are plumbed for irrigation, use tray overflow systems or can be watered by hand by one of our hard-working technicians.

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Our installation specialist can evaluate your needs along with the possibilities of the wall space to determine what type of vertical plant system is right for you.


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Living Walls or green walls contain live plants that are installed in vertical planters with foliage carefully arranged to compliment the look and feel of the area. We select plants that are appropriate for the lighting and great at adding fullness, color, and texture.