Patio Landscaping

Creating Your Patio

Our expert team designs captivating and unique patio landscapes to meet all your outdoor space needs. Whether it's an outdoor area on the ground or upstairs, we're the right choice for the job. Patio landscapes offer your colleagues the beauty of green views and can provide separation, privacy and serenity. Plus, our designs are so attractive that they can impress your clients at meetings or pitches. Our patio landscaping designs provide an ideal space for unleashing creativity and offer a peaceful escape from city life.

Roof Gardens and Courtyards

We specialize in providing year-round visits as the seasons change so you can be sure your landscape is beautifully maintained and professional exterior landscaping.

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Outdoor Oasis

Creative Plant Design can transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis by strategically arranging a diverse array of vibrant plants, fostering a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and fragrances that invite relaxation and connection with nature. Let us create your outdoor space to ensure that your office embodies your business, inside and out.



Enhance your patio space with a custom potted plant, adding a touch of natural beauty. Our plantscape designers are experts in creating the perfect patio display.


Incorporating water-friendly patio plants is a smart choice for conserving water resources, minimizing maintenance, and ensuring your outdoor space stays lush and vibrant even in regions with water restrictions or during dry periods. These plants promote sustainability and eco-friendliness while adding natural beauty to your patio.

Mini Golf Course

Including a whimsical blend of colorful obstacles, meandering pathways, and lush greenery, makes for a delightful and challenging mini golf course environment for all ages.