Moss Walls

Beautiful & Effortless Natural Art

Moss Walls cover a small or large area in moss and natural materials. They add a contemporary and lively environment for businesses. Every one of our moss walls are carefully constructed and custom designed by our very talented team. The high-quality moss we source will stay gorgeously preserved with no regular maintenance. We carry a large variety of colors and different types of moss that are selected for unique and custom design we create for you.

Custom Designed Moss Walls

Moss walls are art pieces that seem to be brimming with life! CPD was one of the first in the area to experiment with this ingenious way of connecting us to nature through art. There is no maintenance required to this incredible once-living product. All moss is non-toxic and sustainably sourced from far Northern regions of the world like Norway, Sweden, and Canada.

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Bio Montage Moss

Moss Walls

Panels are crafted with reclaimed wood or stone, and come surrounded by white-, black- or expresso-colored frame. With three colors of moss, two colors of stone, and different varieties of tree wood, we customize our designs to fit your space.

Endless Design Options

Moss Walls

Moss is naturally preserved, 100% biodegradable, and is fire retardant. Reindeer moss is a perfect biophilic design element in public places and offices because it is an acoustic modulator.

Hand-Crafted Art

CPD creators specialize in custom moss walls, bringing nature to life in unique and personalized installations that turn any space into living works of art that harmonize with individual tastes and environments.

Moss Art

Elevate your office ambiance with the timeless beauty of moss art, seamlessly blending nature and design to create a calming and visually stunning workspace that inspires creativity and well-being among employees.

Custom Branded Moss Wall

Bring Your Logo to Life!

How about creating your logo in moss? Or attaching your logo on top of a moss panel? It is a way to express your brand that really pops! Replica and preserved foliage, succulents, wood pieces, lichen, and other dried items from nature can be incorporated.